Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I am grateful for so many things



1. warmly or deeply appreciative of kindness or benefits received; thankful: I am grateful to you for your help.
2. expressing or actuated by gratitude: a grateful letter.
3. pleasing to the mind or senses; agreeable or welcome; refreshing: a grateful breeze.

I am grateful for so many things in my life. I am grateful for the wonderful family that I was blessed with, the amazing friends that I have been lucky to meet and connect with through the years, and the beautiful man that I was fortunate enough to meet and fall in love with. I am grateful for the many opportunities that have led me to this point in my life. I am grateful for a job that not only pays the bills but also is a stepping stone to a great career. I am grateful for my apartment, my sanctuary from the world, my home and the one place that I feel most at ease. I am grateful for my healthy, strong body and my healthy, strong mind. I am grateful that I live in a place where I am treated with respect and dignity, and where I have the right to make my own decisions about my life.

The only thing is….sometimes I want more. Sometimes I feel restless and I think of something that is missing and I want it. Sometimes I have an overwhelming desire to travel, to see the rest of the world. Those times it gets to me that I don’t have the money to just pick up and take off, to go on an adventure. But then, I remember all the things that I dislike about travelling, I remember all the places I’ve been that didn’t even compare to my city and I remember that in many of those places there are people who have never even been on a plane. And then I’m grateful that I ever had the chance to travel at all.

Sometimes I wish I had a job that was more exciting or that paid better. But then, I remember that a lot of people have to work overtime for no pay, some people get paid much less than I do and some people commute for hours to get to a job that they hate. And then I’m grateful for a job that is so flexible, so close to home and that pays so well.

Sometimes I wish I was thinner, or that my thighs were smaller. But then, I remember that some people are thin because they have no food, some people do not have both of their legs and some people would kill for my figure. And then I’m grateful for all the working parts of my body and all the parts that I do like (my eyes, my waist, my boobs).

Sometimes I wish I had a man who would shower me with compliments, cover me in kisses and tell me every day how much he wants to be with me. But then, I remember that some people do not have any one, some people have someone who treats them terribly but they can’t leave and some people have had their perfect love and lost them. And then I’m grateful for the intelligent, brilliant man that I have ended up with and for his patience and understanding, for the respect and consideration he shows me, for all of the ways he can make me laugh when I’m miserable, for the time he takes to try and understand the confusing workings of my mind, for the days that I have been given with him and for the many more that I hope will come.

I am grateful for so many things in my life...but most of all I am grateful for life, the chance to live and learn, to make mistakes, to right my wrongs and to appreciate all of the wonderful things and people with which God has blessed me.

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